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Questions to Julian Gollop (about what apoc J want it to be)
on base of Data Mining etc

(this article will inspire mod creators to make OpenApoc like Julian Gollop want it to be)

is there will plans to ability to capture it and get some knowladge or technologies from him?

Structure Probe
What a special function of ProbeStructure?

Vortex Analyser
What function of  Vortex Analyser (left place in the market list).

Building buy auction
in your plans was to implement auction to buy buildings?

in progress...
Translations / Re: Polish translation
« Last post by Solarius Scorch on March 23, 2017, 03:32:16 pm »
Well, it's only half done anyway, and I'm not really in a position to finish it all by myself. But I'll have a look at the issues.

EDIT: I don't think any of these issues affect PL version, especially since half is still undone. But it's always good to check.
Here ty for kammerer we find out about Julian ask me anything topic
btw Julian make xcom like strategy ...

so i ask question about openapoc and ask support and Julian answer
so we have now Julian support for OpenApoc \o/  ;D
and soon we make article!

fix link

I could argue on 0.1 release too. IDK if OpenApoc already promised something for 0.1 release, but anyways, we have:
- Cityscape flying vehicle mechanics working (you can equip, fly vehicles, they shoot, projectiles work)
- Battlescape Real Time ALL mechanics almost done (what's left is stealth field and motion scanner, and it's 100% done). After we finish the UI for inventory and agent squads, battlescape is actually fully playable in RT.
here wallpaper ) 1920 1080
General Discussion / Re: OpenApoc Layouts, Wallpapers, UserBars, Logos etc
« Last post by makus on March 22, 2017, 05:52:54 pm »

Translations / Re: Polish translation
« Last post by Skin36 on March 22, 2017, 05:30:38 pm »
Hi Solarius Scorch im see 10 Issue in Polish translation. Can u fix that ?
Yep Kam i totally understand that its free opensource project and each do what he can do
and if member cant make work that he do previous beacose of life etc etc it's totally understandable

but if you cant - give us this flag and we continue ... and hope finish it =}
While I highly doubt we can bring Julian's attention to the project I think something should be done with the site since most of the opensource remakes I'm familiar with have their own websites. Right now the OpenApoc website is dead since no one is able to work on it.

I know that at the moment we still can't speak even about the 0.1 milestone release but some of the points proposed by mackus may bring some attention of the coders. At least we can try if that's not so difficult.
Jonny? Pmprog? I think we should go with what makus suggests.
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